Torture Awareness Month

Torture Awareness Month Education and Action Opportunities

Below are several opportunities for education and action in conjunction with Torture Awareness Month. We hope you will participate in one or more of them! Register your event. »

  • Hold a community teach-inagainst torture and the "war on terror". You do not have to be an expert on these issues to hold a teach-in! Amnesty International USA’s special facilitators guide makes it easy. Learn more. »
  • Hold a reading of the play Honor Bound to Defend Freedom which chronicles the experiences of several former Guantanamo Bay detainees and their families. Learn more. »
  • Host a speaker on the issue of torture and inhuman treatment in the "war on terror" to educate people in your community against these abuses. You can reference one of the following organizations' lists of speakers for ideas: Amnesty International USA | Center for Constitutional Rights | Torture Abolition Survivors and Support Coalition
  • Organize an information table on torture and the "war on terror" in your community using the information sheets located on the resource page of this website.
  • Host a screening of PBS Frontline’s "The Torture Question" which details the use of torture and inhuman treatment in the US-led "war on terror." You can request a loan copy from Amnesty International USA by emailing us. Learn more about the film. »
  • Hold vigil or demonstration against the use of torture and in the "war on terror" in your community.
  • Write an opinion piece or a letter to the editor opposing the use of torture in the "war on terror" and/or extraordinary rendition and send it to your local newspaper. Check out the resource page for talking points. Learn more. »
  • Call your Member of Congress and Senators expressing support for legislation to end the use of extraordinary rendition or "outsourcing torture."
  • Write an article about torture and the "war on terror" in a local newsletter of a community organization or faith community in which you are involved. You can use the talking points on our resource page to help get started. Learn more. »

If you plan on engaging in any of these action opportunities please let us know by signing up. »


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